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ThE BeaT WiZard

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Ralph M.F. Daddy

Shout Out List! 

  1. Young Ghost
  2. Dosja
  3. Keep It lit Productions
  4. Pyro Mainey
  5. Buddha Avenue
  6. Iggz and Chili
  7. ThaCuttyTone

1) Young Ghost 

"Thinking Of Murder"

2) Dosja ft. King Bailey

"Mike Alstott"

3) Keep It Lit Productions

4) Pyro Mainey ft. Dextro

"Work It"

5) Buddha Avenue

"Want It All"

S/O's for the Month of November!

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6) Iggz and Chili

"Doin tha Most"

7) ThaCuttyTone

"Get tha Cake"